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Friends of the Ridgeway - Preferred Route Controversy
Great Stones Way Route Opposition Action Group
Great Stones Way Route Opposition Action Group

So called ‘Great Stones Way’ route is unacceptable and will not succeed. for latest news.
The ‘Friends of the Ridgeway’ is a group of activists who are trying to impose yet another trail through the Pewsey Vale (there are already many established trails in the area). They have called this 'new' trail inappropriately ‘The Great Stones Way’.
All the Parish Councils that are affected by this route have consistently objected, and have voted on numerous occasions to reject the idea. The FotR have repeatedly been informed that both Wiltshire Council and the Pewsey Community Area Partnership do not support the route that the FotR have delineated. All the landowners and residents along this route have expressed their objections and rejection of it to the FotR many times.
Wiltshire Council has proposed alternative routes to the FotR that utilise parts of existing and accepted routes across the Pewsey Vale. The FotR have rejected these out of hand and have chosen confrontation and alienation instead of consensus.
The FotR has published their ‘GSW’ route as a guide and this a way of promoting their trail in an underhand and undemocratic stratagem.
This is as far as the ‘GSW' will go. There will be no ‘improvements’, no signage or markers, and no official recognition or acceptance as the FotR state in their guide.
The guide is a mis-representation of the true state of this trail, and anyone reading this guide should be aware of the facts. The present FotR route for the ‘GSW’ is not in any way official, and needs to be withdrawn.
It is time that Ian Ritchie and Jeff Goddard did the decent thing by their FotR and the people of the Pewsey Vale by withdrawing their guide, removing their ‘GSW’ website and properly negotiating with all parties concerned to establish an alternative route. Ian Ritchie and Jeff Goddard must accept that their ‘GSW’ will not succeed unless they do this.
As imposed by the FotR the ‘GSW’ is a failed project.

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